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Ladra v. New Dominion and Spess Case Filings:  This is the personal injury action for Sandra Ladra of Prague, Oklahoma.  This case won a unamious decision from the Oklahoma Supreme Court securing the right to a jury for Oklahomans suffering from fackquakes.  The case is now proceeding in the discovery process.  


Three depositions have been taken, and Plaintiffs' counsel is working next to depose Oklahoma's former state seismologist Austin Holland, now working United States Geological Survey in New Mexico.  His deposition should be concluded by the end of June 2017.


This case is scheduled for a two-week trial beginning November 27, 2017.  It will be the first oil and gas induced earthquake case to be tried anywhere.  A copy of the scheduling order is provided below.  



Cooper v. New Dominion and Spess Case Filings:  The Cooper case is the class action case brought on behalf of those suffering damages to their homes and businesses related to the Prague, Oklahoma quakes in November 2011 and thereafter.  This case follows the Ladra case and is also in the discovery phase.

Griggs v. New Dominion, Devon, Sandridge, and Chesapeake:  This class action was filed January 12, 2016, and covers all Oklahoma home and business owners that have suffered earthquake damages to their properties in central Oklahoma.  Defendants removed this class action to federal court.  The case was voluntarily dismissed due to a jurisdictional issue determined by federal Judge Friot, and will be re-filed in Logan County District Court.

Adams v. Eagle Road (Pawnee, Oklahoma 9/3/2016 5.8m Earthquake):  On November 11, 2016, we filed a class action petition seeking property damages, fair market value loss, and emotional harm for those suffering from the 9/3/2016 5.8m earthquake near Pawnee Oklahoma.  Defendants Eagle Road Oil and Cummings Oil Company removed this class action to federal court, but the federal court ruled it lacked jurisdiction  and the case was sent back to Payne County District Court.  


Defendants then moved to dismiss the action.  That motion will be determined by Pawnee County District Court Judge Pickerill.

Reid v. White Star (Cushing, Oklahoma 11/7/2016 5.0m Earthquake):  On December 5, 2016, our class action petition was filed on behalf of those affected by the Cushing, Oklahoma 5.0 quake, and following seismicity.  One of our lead plaintiffs is the publisher of the Cushing Citizen, David Reid.


Defendants have moved to dismiss the action, and Judge Corley will have a hearing on those motions on May 31st at 9:00am in the Payne County District Courthouse in Stillwater.   

Bryant v. Eagle Road (Pawnee, Oklahoma 9/3/2016 5.8 Earthquake):  Johnny and Janice Bryant's home was a total loss due to the Labor Day weekend earthquake in 2016.  They have filed an individual lawsuit in this action to recover their damages, and their case is on file in Payne County District Court and presided over by Judge Pickerill.

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma v. Eagle Road (Pawnee, Oklahoma 9/3/2016 5.8 Earthquake):  The Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma retained Poynter Law Group to represent the Nation  to recover damages to its governmental buildings from to the Labor Day weekend 5.8m earthquake in 2016.  The case is on file in the Nation's tribal court.