About Us

Poynter Law Group and Steel, Wright, Gray & Hutchinson, PLLC are two law firms in Arkansas that have been fighting for their clients suffering from fracking quake damages since early 2011.  Beginning in February of that year, Scott Poynter represented about 35 families that suffered physical and market value damages to their homes after injection wells triggered the Guy/Greenbrier Earthquake Swarm.


With this, Scott pioneered earthquake litigation and developed the necessary strategies and experts (in geophysics, structual engineering, soils, and real estate appraisal) to successfully litigate against powerful oil and gas companies.


Due to his work in Arkansas and the notoriety it brought, Oklahomans sought Scott out to represent them when earthquakes of more than 5.0 magnitude hit Prague, and when they were scientifically linked to injection wells.  Mr. Poynter brought the first frackquake lawsuit in Oklahoma on behalf of his client Sandra Ladra who suffered personal injuries during the largest earthquake to shake Oklahoma, which was triggered by disposal wells nearby.  


Ms. Ladra's case was dismissed by the trial court, but Scott successfully argued the appeal.  The Oklahoma Supreme Court unamiously voted to overturn the dismissal saying Oklahomans had the right to sue and the right to be heard by a jury.


Additionally in 2013, Mr. Poynter brought the very first class action case in Oklahoma seeking damages to properties that suffered through the same massive quakes that caused chimneys, brick walls, and foundational pillars to fall to the ground.